About Us

Why should I be a member of Psychology Club?

  • The Psychology Club will give you several opportunities to help others and give back to the community. Charity is the central mission of our club. These are great experiences to place on a resume/vita!
  • Strengthen your application to graduate school / add to your resume
  • Graduate school is much more demanding in terms of you being a more independent person and managing your own time. For this reason, demonstrating an ability to be active in many activities (e.g. clubs, organizations, extracurricular activities etc.) in addition to maintaining good grades is important.
  • A better way of demonstrating your potential for independence, maturity, and leadership is by serving in a leadership role in campus organizations. Such things as serving on committees, taking an active membership role, being an officer of a club, etc. are all great experiences.
  • Develop professionally by learning about the various career options available in Psychology. You will also learn how to optimally prepare for the numerous graduate school options. Psychology is a popular major, so any edge you can get helps!
  • Psychology Club is a great place to meet and get to know other psychology majors. You’ll get to work on event planning with new and interesting people, give advice and get advice on making your schedule, and finally be around others who understand that correlation does not equal causation.

How do you become a member?

  • Attend the brief monthly meetings, and participate in at least two of the Club's activities (fundraisers, information activities, or charity events) per semester. Membership in the Psychology Club is that simple!
  • You can join the Psychology Club at any time (beginning, middle, or end of the semester).

Are Psychology Club and Psi Chi the same thing?

  • No. Although a few of their activities are held concurrently, Psychology Club's membership is open to all Psychology majors. However, Psi Chi is open to those that meet the minimum eligibility requirements (3.0 GPA Overall and in the Psychology Major with 9 credits completed at Monmouth). For information about Psi Chi, please contact Dr. Dinella.)

How do I become an officer?

  • By being an active member of Psychology Club, you can seek an officer position.
  • A typical applicant for the officer positions has been to several Psychology Club events throughout the academic year, actively contributes ideas, and is a member on one of the Psychology Club’s committees.
  • Additionally, the applicant may have organized and run an event. Essentially, those Psychology Club members who show a true dedication and interest in the Psychology Club will be selected as officers.