Executive Board

The Executive Board manages and runs and the Psychology Club. These individuals are selected every year by general vote of the Psychology Club membership. In addition to club management, the Executive Board also represents the Psychology Club on the Student Government Association (SGA).

The 2012-2013 Executive Board

President: Jeffrey Viaud

Jeff is currently a senior who will be graduating in the Fall semester. After completing his undergrad, he plans on attending graduate school for Developmental Psychology with a focus on early childhood development and go on to conduct research and become a university professor. Jeff currently is interning at Wesley Nursery School, working with children ages 3-6 as a teacher's assistant and would love to continue working with that age range. Jeff is also currently working in Dr. Lewandowski's relationship science lab studying the Mere Ownership effect in romantic relationships. When not in class, chances are Jeff is either at work conducting data entry at his job at Urology Associates, watching his beloved Mets or Packers, reading a classic Marvel comic, or spending time the best way he knows how; with his girlfriend Becky!

Vice President: Massab Younas

Massab is senior at Monmouth University who will be graduating in 2011. He is hoping to continue his education post-undergrad by pursuing his doctorate in physical therapy. His interests in psychology include cognitive development in decision-making as well as personality development and disorders. His personal interests include enjoying Yankee games, eating while doing so and watching shows such as Top Gear (The British Version) and anything on ESPN .

Treasurer: Rebecca McCabe

Becky is a senior who will be graduating at the end of the fall semester. After graduating, she plans to go on to get her PhD, focusing on neuropsychology and research. Her personal interests include photography, and watching every Mets game (thanks to the influence of her boyfriend, Jeff).

Secretary: Amanda Divita

Amanda is a senior who will be graduating in May 2013. After graduation, she plans on attending graduate school to earn a doctorate in clinical psychology. She is interested in working with children and studying issues related to the family. Amanda is currently volunteering with 2nd Floor Youth Helpline and Big Brothers Big Sisters. She would love to continue down this path towards helping young people manage difficulties in their lives.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Natalie Ciarocco

Dr. C is a social psychologist originally from Ohio. When she is not researching self-control or teaching research methodology classes, she is playing with her pug, Bentley, in Freehold. She enjoys travel, food, reading, and movies. She also has a small obsession with the Twilight series.

The Executive Board supervises several Committees. These Committees are formed on an as needed basis, dependent on the current work of the club.

  • The Charity Committee (Officer: President/President-Elect) organizes community service events and identifies any causes that could benefit from the Club's involvement.
  • The Activities Committee (Officer: Vice-President) handles the implementation of educational and social events including trips, invited speakers, etc.
  • The Promotions Committee (Officer: Secretary) oversees advertising current activities, and maintaining the bulletin board.
  • Finally, the Fundraising Committee (Officer: Treasurer) generates funds for charity events as well as other Club activities.

Committees are always looking for new members, so if you are interested please contact the supervising officer!!